FSI enables small-scale growers to achieve 100% sustainability certification
FSI enables small-scale growers to achieve 100% sustainability certification

27 June 2024 – The board of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) defined the revenue definition for small-scale growers in the Global North on 30 May. A special FSI project group has been working on this recently, in close consultation with various floriculture parties. This now provides clarity on which small-scale growers belong to this group, so that they can prepare for sustainability certification. The next step is to develop the corresponding simplified scheme which will take place in collaboration with GLOBALG.A.P. and MPS, and in consultation with growers from this group over the summer. With this decision on the definition, the next phase begins towards 100% sustainability certification, specifically for small-scale growers. For all other groups, there is already a clear definition and timeframe. Earlier, a collective step was taken within the floriculture sector towards sustainability certification, with growers and buyers joining forces on the path to further sustainability and transparency within the floriculture sector.

The established definition means that producers with a total company annual turnover from floricultural products of less than €250.000, operating in northern countries (focus Europe and Israel), fall under the definition of small-scale grower. For growers from other countries, the definition will be determined at a later stage, considering specific conditions and pre-existing solutions.

Next steps

“Now that the definition of small-scale growers from the Global North has been established, the FSI working group, together with MPS and GLOBALG.A.P., will take the next step in the coming period to develop the precise scheme and timeline for small-scale growers,” says Jeroen Oudheusden, Executive Officer of FSI. “Growers and buyers will also be involved during consultation rounds. This consultation process is important to ensure that the scheme fits the daily practice of the small-scale grower, is practical and affordable. This step-by-step approach is part of the path towards 100% certification for growers, allowing small-scale growers to achieve a sustainability certificate according to FSI conditions with this scheme.”

After the consultation rounds with growers and buyers in July and August and subsequent decision- making, the draft scheme for small-scale growers is expected to be shared in the autumn and be available from early 2025 for small-scale growers to begin the certification process.

About FSI

The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) is an international platform dedicated to promoting transparency and sustainability in the floriculture sector. By collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including growers, traders, retailers, certification bodies and NGOs, FSI aims to develop solutions and market-aligned standards that ensure the floriculture sector remains future-proof.

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