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09 Jun 2021: FSI Newsletter Summer 2021
Read in our latest newsletter: While the sanitary and economic crisis is still far from over globally, we have seen our sector to be resilient over a longer period, although not comparable to pre-Covid19.
07 Aug 2020: FSI Newsletter Summer 2020
Read in our latest newsletter: The efforts being deployed by our members of CSO in response to the COVID19 crisis, the new FSI 20205 strategy, the projects that will kick-off soon, and other news and activities by FSI and our members!
20 Dec 2019: FSI Newsletter December 2019
Read our latest newsletter! With 13 major players joining FSI in 2019, It’s no less than 62 FSI members who are now headed to 2020 with one shared focus: reaching 90% sustainably produced and traded flowers and plants by the end of next year.
30 Jul 2019: FSI Newsletter July 2019
Discover the last FSI Newsletter: In this edition, you will learn about the growing FSI network, how we're focusing on reaching the 90% target, what FSI will look like beyond 2020, and much more!
01 Jul 2018: FSI welcomes 3 new members
We have had an amazing two years with many very interesting new members, no less than 18 new members in total joined our network! Just for the summer, we are happy to welcome another 3 new members representing production, trade and retail.
08 Mar 2018: FSI welcomes 3 new members
Three new members representing production and trade were introduced at the General Assembly: BGI the Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade; Expoflores, the Association of Flower Growers and Exporters of Ecuador and their sustainability Standard, FlorEcuador Certified®, and Dutch breeder Royal Van Zanten

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