FSI Newsletter Winter 2023

As we close in on the end of 2023 it is time to share some updates and the events that have taken place since the summer newsletter. It has been a year full of development, collaboration and optimism. We look forward to building on the good work in 2024, pushing the sector toward a more sustainable future.

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Starting an FSI newsletter with only positive notes does not consider the turbulence and disruptions that continue to arise in global supply chains. Disruptions due to the combined effect of many factors that have such a profound effect on supply chains in floriculture, posing new challenges and realities that almost make us forget about those that we have just overcome. The disruptions also remind us of the importance of a resilient, responsible supply chain. We continue to join our forces for sustainable and robust supply chains through our FSI2025 program. The FSI network is one of the networks that can guide, inspire, and connect, because we are in this together.

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