FSI welcomes 3 new members

We have had an amazing two years with many very interesting new members, no less than 18 new members in total joined our network! Just for the summer, we are happy to welcome another 3 new members representing production, trade and retail.


Just before summer, we are happy to welcome another 3 new members representing production, trade and retail.

  • Decorum company is a cooperation of sixty plants and flower growers sharing their commitment to a responsible entrepreneurship. Decorum selects its growers based on a range of aspects, quality being the key factor. Decorum growers are pioneering, innovative and socially responsible and constantly sharing their knowledge to grow products in a sustainable way. Decorum cares for the product and cares for the environment. Among other things this is expressed in energy saving activities, recycling, use of natural pesticides, efficient use of water and sustainable heat sources.
  • Adomex is an importer and exporter of green foliage and has embedded sustainable entrepreneurship into our strategy. Adomex is MPS Florimark Trade certified. This means that they inspect all of their processes and can trace all of their products. They only purchase from sustainable growers from different countries worldwide, the greener the better! Sustainable development requires a good balance between ecological, economic and social interests and Adomex works together with its partners growers and clients to improve the production, environmental regulations and the local working conditions.
  • Fleurop-Interflora is worldwide leading as flower delivery network with a strong brand recognition.  Fleurop strives to strengthen its position in terms of quality, value for money and also sustainability. As part of the future strategy there is a strong link with sustainability ensuring long term availability of high-quality resource by implementing Fleurop Interflora Group Sustainability standards. Part of this strategy is also convincing florists of the benefits of sustainability and to be compliant with social and environmental practices and concerns of our customers, both B2B and B2C.

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