In control of Residues

Control on Residues

“Conduct research about residues on flowers and plants and engage with stakeholders concerned by the issue to map out how residues are introduced into the supply chain and have a clearer, joint understanding of the issue.
In a second step, create a management residue protocol to support growers to reduce residues and a theoretical model to analyse the risk of residues that can be used by individual companies as a tool for residue risk analysis.”

Harold Beek | MPS Global Standards Management

  • full report on analysis of Residue Control published
  • online tool that provides growers with an insight into how to reduce the residue level on products by revealing where residues occur
  • 11 Knowledge carriers involved in the research.
  • 2 possible routes for residues ending up on floriculture products:
    – through direct application: 14 influential factors growers should evaluate before treatment of the crops
    – through indirect contamination: 11 most common indirect contamination routes
More Profitable Sustainability (MPS)
Key Topic
Agrochemical Use
Project completed (2014-2015)