Women Empowerment 2


“After taking first steps to addressing gender-related issues at a number of EHPEA member farms and implementing pilot welfare programmes in the workplace in partnership with BSR HERproject, we will strengthen interventions to achieve a ‘change in mindset’ towards lasting improvements in the lives of women and communities.”

Tewodros Zewdie | EHPEA Executive Director

KEY Targets
  1. Increase the health and gender knowledge, behaviour, and access of 20,000 general workers of target farms:
    • Train HR managers and nurses of 30 farms on gender sensitive management
    • Train 300 gender committee members on personal hygiene,food and water hygiene, nutrition, family planning and gender based violence to provide training to workers, and refresh training to 500 others
    • 20,000 workers trained and refreshed by gender committee members
  2. Improve the practices, policies, and procedures of 42 farms to support gender sensitive management, prevention of harassment, and worker welfare:
    • 80% farms with a gender committee
    • 70% farms adopting a gender policy
    • 6 voluntary councelling and testing campaigns on IVH
    • 1 community edutainment event
Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA)
Key Topic
Working Conditions
Project under way (2017-2018)